Bucket List: Disney Snacks Edition

Bucket List: Disney Snacks Edition

Everyone has their own must do snacks for their Disney vacation.  You know the ones you have to have at least once on your trip – mickey bars, dole whip… But then there are those snacks that go above and beyond the ‘regulars’ the ones that you have been itching to try.  This is my personal bucket list of Disney snacks that I can’t wait to try.

For some reason, before a Disney trip I work on getting in shape convincing myself that I am preparing myself for the grueling task of walking around a theme park for 12+ hours a day.  What I really should be doing is working to expand my appetite so I have space to eat all my old favourites and try some new snacks too!

My new pre-trip plan is inspired by Winnie the Pooh:


Back to the topic at hand, for various reasons I haven’t managed to try all the snacks I’ve wanted to in Disney.  Though I will put a disclaimer on this – there are people in my family restricted to a gluten-free diet, so some of these items have been skipped because I feel too bad to eat them in front of those people.  Alright that aside, here is a list of the snacks currently on my ‘to try’ list:

1. Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream (Beach Club Resort)

The kitchen sink has been on my radar for awhile now.   It was probably one of the first snacks I found out about by chance and it is just so epic I knew I wanted to try it, if only to cross it off the bucket list.  It’s a massive ice cream sundae served up in a kitchen sink (literally) at the the Beach Club Resort.

Eating this, for me, is a life goal.  But I need to recruit some friends to join the challenge, because this is no ordinary ice cream sundae, it has: 8 scoops of ice cream, cookies, cake, sprinkles, and a whole can of whipped cream (a whole can!).  Check out the video below, which was where I first saw and became obsessed with trying the Kitchen Sink.  

2. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow (Magic Kingdom)

Waffle + fruit + ‘chocolate hazelnut spread’ (aka nutella) = sign me up.  I love nutella and waffles so this sounds perfect for me.  The snack/dessert is making Sleepy Hollow famous.  My only reservation: finding a way to eat it without making a mess!

3. Zebra Domes from Boma and The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The zebra dome can be found at Animal Kingdom Lodge, either prepackaged from The Mara or at the buffet dinner at Boma (where you can enjoy more than one!).  The dome consists of a Amarula Cream liquor mousse set atop a thin layer of cake and enrobed in white chocolate.  It’s hard to get if you’re not staying or dining at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but seems to be worth the effort!

4. Carrot Cake Cookie found in Hollywood Studios

The Carrot Cake Cookie used to be found at the Writer’s Stop in Hollywood studios until its closing in 2016.  However, rumour has it that this cookie can still be found at Sweet Spells (also in Hollywood Studios).  I hope these rumours are true, because I’m not even a fan of carrot cake and this cookie ended up on this list.  The carrot cake cookie, is actually two cookies sandwiched together with cream cheese frosting – which I really like and is the main reason I want to try it!

5. Honourable mention: The cake cups found at the Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom (discontinued in 2015).  

The cake cup was a deconstructed cup cake, served in a plastic cup.  More or less, it was layers of cake and frosting – yum!  All the tastiness of a cupcake, only neater.  Now discontinued, these cake cups could once be found at the Cheshire Cafe and had whimsical Alice and Wonderland themes.  They came in four flavours: Cheshire Cupcake, Mad Hatter Mocha, White Chocolate Rabbit,  and the Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake.


Have you tried any of these snacks? Have suggestions for my to try list?

Make sure to comment below!


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