A Taste of Tony’s: Review of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Walt Disney Wolrd, Magic Kingdom, Tony's Town Square Restaruant, Disney Dining

Review: A Taste of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is located at the front of Magic Kingdom with a spectacular view of Main Street USA.  This Lady & The Tramp themed trattoria transports you to the classic Disney film.  Keep your eyes open for references to Lady, the Tramp, and Tony!

Keeping in line with its theme, Tony’s serves classic Italian-style fare like pizza, chicken parmigiana, and of course spaghetti and meatballs!  The food here is decent (and the bread service excellent!), but the atmosphere is what keeps me coming back.  When you enter the lobby you’ll find Lady and the Tramp playing on the TV in the waiting area.  If you’re luck you may even see the famous spaghetti kiss!

Step into the restaurant itself, and you’ll find this is no average Italian eatery.  Lady and the Tramp take centre stage, depicted on a beautiful fountain in the middle of the space.  Pictures of the famous couple and their canine friends also adorn the walls, providing an interesting backdrop for your meal.

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Disney Dining, Tony's Town Square Restaruant, Holidays

Lady and the Tramp fountain decked out for the holidays at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s features a sunroom and patio, in addition to an inner-room with cozy booth seating.  The sunroom has the perfect balance of outdoor lighting and air conditioning, so you can enjoy the view of Main Street right from your table.

Make sure to save some room, because the detail is in the desserts! Though we were stuffed after our entrees, it was worth ordering dessert just for the presentation.  It was the perfect end to our meal.

Walt Disney World, Magic Kindgom, Tony's Town Square Dining, Disney Dining, Lady and the Tramp dessert

Dessert at Tony’s is not to be missed!


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