Garden Grocer: DIY Dining on your Disney World Vacation

Full Kitchen Saratgoa Springs Garden Grocer Dining

Full kitchen at Saratoga Springs resort

BYOF (Bring your own food) with Garden Grocer.  Keep reading if you want to find out how this grocery service can change your Disney dining game.

Want to know one of the best kept Disney secrets?

You can bring your own food into the theme parks!

Disney allows guests to bring snacks and other foods that don’t require heating into the amusement parks.  Click here for more information on bringing outside food into Disney parks.

So if you are looking to avoid overpriced amusement park food* or want to keep some snacks on hand to prevent a meltdown in the middle of a long attraction line, Garden Grocer is a great way to go!

*While I love bringing some snacks into the parks, for me, one of the best parts of Disney World is the food! As far as amusement park food goes, Disney is in a league of their own!*

Garden Grocer is a grocery delivery service that delivers groceries in the Orlando area, including Walt Disney World.  This means you can order groceries online from Garden Grocer before your vacation and have them delivered directly to your resort! Garden Grocer has a large selection and will have you covered from packaged snacks to produce – they even have a ‘Park Essentials’ section on their site.

If you need more inspiration on how to use Garden Grocer to save money on your next Disney Vacation, here are some quick tips:

  • Trim your waistline and spending by bringing fresh fruit, like apples and bananas into the parks.
  • Save time and money by eating breakfast in your room. Start your day right with options like: cereal, bagels, and yogurt.  You can even order disposable bowls and cutlery from Garden Grocer.
  • Beat the Florida heat by stocking up on bottled water and soda.
  • Make the most of your room amenities. All standard Disney resort rooms come equipped with a mini-fridge, and certain resorts also have rooms with kitchenettes or full kitchens.

*Please note: I am not in any way affiliated with Garden Grocer.


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