Top 10 Things to Pack for a More Comfortable Disney Vacation

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Keeping cool in Disney World

According to legend, you walk an average of 10 miles in a single day at a Disney theme park.  That’s 10 miles in the hot Florida sun and humidity.  By the end of the day your feet could convince you that they are not in the happiest place on earth.  But fear not! Here’s a list of 10 items that can make a day in Disney more comfortable, so you can make every moment count!

1. Moleskin

Nothing is worse than walking around with sore blisters on your feet.  Except walking around with sore blisters and a bandage flapping off it.  Moleskin is better than a bandage – it’s made of thicker fabric and the adhesive actually sticks.  As soon as you notice a hot spot on your foot, stick some moleskin there and it can actually prevent a blister from forming.  No pixie dust required!

2. Ziploc Bags

These don’t necessarily make you more comfortable, but they certainly are a convenient item to have handy.  There are endless uses for Ziploc bags: packing snacks, storing presses pennies, and they can even protect your phone & camera on Splash Mountain.

3. Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant Wipes

Sometimes having fun is messy.  Keeping wipes on hand is perfect for sticky fingers, dirty tables, and just to keep the germs at bay.  No one wants to catch a cold and be Sneezy on their Disney vacation.

4. Fans

It can get hot in Florida, especially if you are travelling there over the summer months.  Beat the heat with a personal fan.  They sell Disney themed ones in the parks, but you could also bring your own to keep cool in long lines.

5. Aloe Vera/Solar Relief Gel

Did I mention it gets hot it Florida yet? For those of you prone to sunburns, having some aloe vera or solar relief gel can help relieve the itch of sunburnt skin.  As an added bonus, they also help cool you down!

6. Extra shoes

The #1 rule of theme park footwear: comfort is key!  No high heeled shoes here.  But comfortable shoes are not enough.  It helps to switch shoes every other day, or better yet pack an extra pair to switch into during the day.

7. Juice Mixes

This one sounds a little strange, but Floridian water is not the tastiest water, and you want to stay hydrated when you are out in the sun all day.  Having some juice mixes to add to the water makes hydration a tasty task.

8. Hair Elastics

If you have long hair, you know having an extra hair tie on hand is always a good idea.  But a hair elastic can also be used anyplace you may need an elastic band.  You can even use them to extend your jeans if you’ve overindulged in delicious Disney dining!

9. Ponchos

You don’t want rain to slow down your Disney days.  And boy does it rain a lot in Florida, especially if you are traveling from May-October.  Umbrellas are good for a normal day, but opening and closing them as you get on and off rides can be a pain and a hazard in a busy amusement park.  I’m a fan of the classic Mickey Mouse ponchos, but you can also buy plain ones in advance.

10. Park Bag

At this point you may be wondering where you are going to put all this stuff! So the final item on the list is a park bag.  You need something large enough to fit everything you need to carry on you for a day at a theme park (read: everything on this list), but also comfortable enough to carry around all day.  For me this is a medium sized backpack, for others it’s a cross-body bag, and in the 80’s it was a fanny pack.

Comment below with your must-have items for a day in Disney!


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